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The Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment is an interactive fertility planning platform that was created by a naturopathic doctor and a certified nutritionist. It gives you personalized action steps to prepare for your best pregnancy. 


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The Quick-Start Fertility Guide

Tiny Feet’s team, a naturopathic doctor and a certified nutritionist, put together this guide which contains easy to follow, science-based natural wisdom to help you jump-start your health and prepare you for a healthy pregnancy and baby! 

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Why Prepare For Pregnancy?

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Around 50% of fertility problems can be improved with adequate planning and healthy lifestyle changes. However, many couples suffer from more complex conditions, such as PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage, and autoimmunity, which can make having a healthy baby more difficult. With the right questions and a personalized action plan from a naturopathic perspective, many of these conditions can be managed to greatly increase the chance of conceiving naturally. 

Your future baby’s health

We want your baby to:

  • Meet or excel developmental milestones.

  • Grow up free of suffering from chronic conditions, like autism, neurodevelopmental disorders, allergies, asthma, obesity, or eczema.

  • Spend their childhood and adulthood becoming an amazing human, instead of fighting through health issues.

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The Creators

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The Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment was created by a naturopathic doctor and a certified nutritionist. Learn more about our team here


Your fertility plan will address risk factors that maybe even your doctor has not thought about. Our team keeps the assessment and plan updated with the latest research on medical, nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental influences on fertility and pregnancy.

The Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment Helps You Take Control Of Your Fertility.