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Do any of these questions sound familiar?

“Am I really healthy enough to get pregnant?”

“How long will it take?”

“Did I wait too long?”

“Will I have a chronically ill child?”

“How do I know I’m doing the right things?”

“Will I get pregnant at ALL?”

“Has my doctor sufficiently addressed all my concerns?”

Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment - Do these questions sound familiar
Dr. Haylee Nye ND MScN - Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment

“I get it. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties when I was ready to become a mother. I only had one ovary due to an emergency removal of my other one at a young age. During medical school, I was always stressed. I developed IBS and an autoimmune condition. So, when it was finally time to start trying, I was terrified I was never going to get pregnant or that I was going to have a child with health issues.”

I had similar fears as you.

“That is why we created the Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment. For women like you and I who are looking for real answers.”

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The Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment

An interactive questionnaire and preconception care action plan for you and your partner

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Imagine if you could:

Know you are doing everything you possibly can to conceive a healthy baby. 

Trust and enjoy this exciting time of trying to conceive a baby.

Feel empowered knowing you have the most current recommendations.

Be confident that you have the tools to build a healthy baby from the very beginning. 

Have a step-by-step action plan next time you see your doctor. 

What if I were to tell you it’s possible to feel at peace and in control? 

Get your plan and you will:

  • Have a clear idea of where to focus your efforts for fast results

  • Know which health symptoms may be holding you back from conceiving

  • Feel empowered knowing you have actionable steps to get started

  • Understand exactly how to approach your fertility

  • Have to tools to work with your doctor and get the results you deserve

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How It Works 

Take the Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment Questionnaire

Take the online health assessment.

We evaluate the whole person, focusing on a comprehensive medical intake, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental exposures.  

Receive a Tiny Feet Fertility Score

Receive a score.

Scores are categorized as low, medium, or high risk. This allows you to see right away how many risks were detected. Easily start reducing your score right away by checking off your To-Do action items!

Receive a Tiny Feet Fertility Report

Review immediate results

Each category will reveal risks specific to you. You can click into each one and find detailed information on why it’s important and exactly how to address it!

Receive a Tiny Feet Fertility Checklist

Start checking off your action items.  

Each risk comes with a specific set of recommendations you can start implementing right away. 

 This individualized guide is valued at $297.00

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It’s available FOR ONLY $97.00!

What others are saying…  

“My husband and I were finally ready to start a family, but we didn’t know where to start! I knew I needed to clean up my diet and reduce daily stress, but not sure exactly how. Tiny Feet’s online assessment was a perfect starting place! We had a checklist for both of us, found out what nutrients we are missing in our diet, and what hidden exposures are lurking around us. It gave us a lot information that I wouldn’t have ever thought about if we didn’t do the assessment. We are grateful knowing we are on the right track to making a healthy little one!”

Rebecca R. Denvor, CO

“My sister has a son with autism. When it was finally my time to start a family, I was really worried about my child having the same chronic illness. I wanted to do everything I could to try to prevent this from happening. I came across Tiny Feet and was so relieved to have everything I was looking for in one spot. The site even recommended a book I could read to get more information on how to prevent autism. I’ve been working on the checklist for several months now and my health has shifted significantly! I have more energy, I’m not dependent on coffee and sugar anymore, and now I feel secure knowing I’m doing all the things to make a healthy baby.”

Heather T. Eugene, OR

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 The Creators

Dr. Haylee Nye and Kristin Cornett NTP Creators of Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment

Dr. Haylee Nye is a licensed naturopathic physician, nutritionist, and founder of Tiny Feet. She developed a passion for women’s health and helping couples prepare for pregnancy while in medical school. She completed advanced training in infertility, with a focus on natural treatments and interventions. After successful results working one-on-one with many couples, she went on to create this online platform for all couples looking to conceive.  

Kristin Cornett is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and research journalist. She found healing through nutrition and functional medicine after a long battle with chronic health conditions, including infertility. She works with couples who are struggling to conceive, helping them with individualized nutrition programs to address health concerns that may be preventing them from realizing their dreams of pregnancy. Kristin joined Tiny Feet’s team as a co-owner early 2018. 


You Got Questions? We Got Answers.

Q: What does your plan offer me that I can’t find on the internet for free?

You’re right, there is a lot of great information out there already. The Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment is the only interactive planning platform that is specific to your needs. Our plan is the only place where you’ll find everything that will affect your fertility: medical concerns, nutrition, lifestyle, and exposure. The information you will receive was created by an expert naturopathic physician and certified nutritionist.

Q: I’m just starting to think about having a baby, but haven’t done anything yet to prepare. Will this help me? 

Absolutely! This is the perfect place to start. With a comprehensive questionnaire and detailed results, you will have a checklist of items to get started on the right track.  It is recommended to complete the plan before you see a doctor so you will know exactly what you need from them to ensure you are addressing all possible concerns before pregnancy.  

Q: What if I have been trying to conceive for a while, will this still help me?

Yes! The information you will receive may reveal some hidden nutritional deficiencies, or health conditions that you haven’t addressed.  Many people who have used our platform have been trying to conceive for over a year and they have found our plan to be empowering in a time of so much uncertainty. 

Q: What if it’s just me and I don’t have a partner?

That’s totally fine! The plan is designed to work for individuals or couples. You will get all the same great benefits even if you don’t invite a partner to the plan.  

Q: I have a lot of health issues and have had a hard time finding answers. Will this help me?

You bet. Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment was created by a naturopathic doctor and a certified nutritionist.  We understand how difficult it is to get the answers you need in order to recover your health and get pregnant. Our plan addresses everything from digestive complaints to menstrual issues. You will find detailed recommendations, including integrative therapies, that will get you back on track to recovering your health. 


We guarantee you will get your money’s worth. If you find the results and the recommendations in the assessment are not useful in helping you prepare for a healthy pregnancy, we will give you your money back.  

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The Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment will help you feel at peace knowing you are taking the right steps to conceive a healthy baby. 

Start today with the interactive questionnaire and fertility planning guide that was created by a naturopathic doctor and a certified nutritionist. It gives you personalized action steps to prepare for your best pregnancy. 

Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment Pregnant Woman

Answer Questions. Receive a Score. Get the Plan. 

valued at $297, available for only $97

 More compliments…

“We have been struggling to conceive for over a year. I was frustrated with trying to find information online. I was getting mixed advice and ultimately felt overwhelmed with the whole process. When I found Tiny Feet, I was so impressed by the ease of use and the step-by-step action plan I could share with my doctor. I felt in control again!”

Lauren G. Houston, TX

“After my first kid, my health took a deep dive for the worst. I had a hard time recovering from C-section and went on to discover I had an autoimmune condition. I desperately wanted one more kid and knew I needed to get my health back before trying again. The fertility assessment helped me discover I had a lot of digestive issues. I started chipping away at the recommendations and immediately starting feeling the difference!  I’m feeling much more confident in my ability to get pregnant and not have it wreak my health again.”

Stacy A. Salt Lake City, UT


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