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    We’re Dr. Haylee + Kristin, and our passion is to help you recover your best health so you can get pregnant, stay pregnant, and bring a healthy baby home. We use functional lab testing, proven naturopathic therapies, and food as medicine to help you uncover and address the root cause of your health symptoms and restore your fertility. You can work with us through joining one of our online courses or you can receive personalized guidance through one-on-one consults.

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    A success story!

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    From Annie, Las Vegas, NV —

    “I’M PREGNANT! I attribute a lot of our success in conceiving to Tiny Feet. Without your support, advice, recommendations, the online fertility assessment, the podcast… I wouldn’t have been in the right place with my health to successfully conceive and have the confidence to actually be pregnant. Thank you so much for helping me get to this point!

    Also, the Tiny Feet podcast has been so awesome and I am not a podcast listener. I look forward to your new episodes and my dogs do too now that they get extra-long walks so that I can really get into it and listen in its entirety.”


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