MYF 01 | Intro to Preconception Care, Fertility & Your Future Baby's Health

MYF 01 Preconception care, fertility and your future baby's health
Dr. Haylee Nye and Kristin Cornett, NTP - Mastering Your Fertility Podcast.jpg

Dr. Haylee and Kristin have officially launched their first episode of the new podcast “Mastering Your Fertility”! Dr. Haylee is a licensed naturopathic doctor and specialized in natural medicine with a focus on infertility. She works with couples in her private practice in Portland, OR. Kristin is a certified nutritionist and research journalist for Tiny Feet. She has expertise on how to get fertility back on track through optimal nutrition.

The podcast topics will be exploring conditions that may be preventing you from conceiving and exactly what you can do to overcome those obstacles. We use the most current high-quality research, making sure you have the most accurate information without any additional fluff. You can fill confident that what you hear on the show is supported by evidence and clinical experience.

The first episode is all about what preconception care is and an introduction to the Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment. We focus on why preconception care is so important to your future baby’s health, even as an adult.

Episode 01 - What You Will Learn:

  • What is preconception care and why it is so important

    • Vitamin D and relation to miscarriage

  • Diet, mom’s microbiome, and the placenta (7:00)

    • GMO, glyphosate, and food sourcing (10:00)

  • When is the best time to start planning for pregnancy (11:45)

  • Why we created the Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment (14:00)

    • Epigenetics and effects on future baby’s health as adults (15:00)

  • Dr. Haylee’s story of loss and fertility (19:50)

  • Research support content (25:30)

    • Gut issues, adrenal fatigue, obesity, male fertility, and other conditions (27:00)

  • How to work the most effectively with your doctor (31:00)

  • How to empower yourself through your fertility journey (38:15)

  • The Fertility Assessment pricing through the end of the year (38:55)

What To Expect Next:

Next week we will be introducing ourselves more completely and take deep dive into our health obstacles and how we became passionate about helping other find their best health before and during pregnancy. We will have a separate show for each of us. If you are struggling with health issues and feel alone, listen to our stories! We have been there, we know what chronic illness feels like and we are here to help guide you.