MYF 02 & 03 | Meet Kristin & Dr. Haylee

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In the next two episodes we introduce ourselves to allow you to get to know us on more intimate level. We both have had our fair share our health challenges, all of which has led us to where we are now. Our passion for fertility and making health babies developed over the years as we faced illness, loss, and recovery. Our hope is that you find inspiration and hope from listening to our stories.

Episode 02 | Meet Kristin

Show notes:

(1:05) Early life health troubles – allergies, asthma, eczema, digestive problems, and more

(3:35) Consequences of excessive stress and poor lifestyle in college

(5:50) Moving cross-country and developing anxiety and panic disorder

(8:35) Starting graduate school and experiencing a severe health crash

(10:30) Trying to get answers from traditional medicine: “It’s all in your head – here’s some drugs”

(13:05) First life-changing experiment with dietary changes

(17:50) Diving deeper into nutrition for answers

(19:05) Trying to conceive – unsuccessfully

(22:45) Putting the TTC journey on hold to investigate health issues

(23:50) Finally getting a real diagnosis and tackling SIBO

(25:10) Developing a passion for helping others and becoming a certified NTP

(27:15) Husband is diagnosed with cancer and makes a huge lifestyle and career shift

(29:10) Healing is NO JOKE!

(30:45) More diagnoses for Kristin (parasites and autoimmune disease) and more healing

(31:45) Returning soon to the preconception journey

(32:55) Developing a passion for fertility and preconception care

Episode 03 | Meet Dr. Haylee

Show notes:

(2:00) Dr. Haylee tells her story of surgery and loss at age 19.

(5:10) That same year, each one of her family members deals with a health crisis of their own.

(8:35) She explains how she became passionate for nutrition in college, but gets derailed along the way.

(11:40) She became deathly ill in 2007 and finds out she was fighting a severe kidney infection. Since then, she started to experience chronic infections.

(14:00) She explains how her lifestyle and toxic exposure led to her becoming chronically ill.

(17:20) Dr. Haylee tells how she got food poisoning as a young adult and led to her developing SIBO.

(18:45) She finds health again with the help of natural medicine.

(20:30) How she found naturopathic medicine and enrolling into medical school.

(21:20) Inspired by the Developmental Origins Health and Disease research during medical school.

(23:20) She meets her husband and they prepare to have a baby.

(27:00) Tiny Feet platform is launched with her husband Matthew and Kristin.

(28:00) How naturopathic medicine can help you expand your family.