MYF 04 | Gene Mutations & Fertility: MTHFR, PEMT, VDR | Carrier Screening

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In this episode we discuss how certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in our DNA can affect how well we can utilize specific nutrients, such as choline, folate and vitamin D, in our body. The top three SNPs discussed are MTHFR, PEMT, and VDR due to their significant impact on fertility and long term health of baby. 

In this episode you will learn how much of each nutrient you need to overcome the disadvantage of having one of these SNPs. You will hear our personal experience of being homozygous MTHFR and how we were able to maximize their health. 

Towards the end of the episode, Dr. Haylee talks about expanded carrier screening and the advantages of you and your partner being screened before pregnancy.  

Show Notes:

1:25 What are genes and how do they work

3:05 Importance of epigenetics to the health of future generations

4:40 What are SNPs and how do they affect our health

8:10 Understanding methylation

11:00 What is MTHFR

13:25 Poor methylation and build-up of homocysteine

14:25 Effect on fertility and pregnancy

16:00 Types of MTHFR SNPs (mutations)

19:05 What we can do to better manage MTHFR

23:40 How much folate you need in your prenatal vitamin

24:45 How to adjust your diet to optimize methylation

31:25 What is PEMT

33:00 Phosphatidylcholine and liver function

34:30 Why gallbladder removal is so common during pregnancy

35:40 Importance of choline for methylation, fertility, and pregnancy

41:25 How to adjust your diet to optimize PEMT function

45:05 What is VDR

45:55 Importance of testing for vitamin D and achieving a sufficient level before pregnancy

48:10 How to get enough vitamin D if you have a VDR SNP

50:30 How to find out if you have any of these SNPs

51:40 Carrier screening to understand your future child’s risk for inherited genetic disorders