MYF 05 | How Balancing Blood Sugar Can Improve Your Chance of Conceiving

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In this episode, we discuss how sugar and refined foods affect health and fertility. 

Tune in now to learn about how blood sugar works in the body, how it influences hormone balance, egg quality, and your baby's health, and how to find your individual "sweet spot" for carbohydrates.

Check out the show notes below to follow along!

Show Notes:

1:10 What sugar and refined foods are – simple vs. complex carbs and how flour is made

3:50 How regularly consuming refined carbs affects our overall health

4:30 How blood sugar works in your body

5:30 Excess insulin and low blood sugar

7:45 Symptoms of poor blood sugar control

9:45 How we can develop insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar

12:40 How blood sugar and insulin resistance affect fertility and pregnancy

            13:00 Hormone imbalances and PCOS

            15:00 Egg and embryo quality 

            15:30 Excess cortisol and adrenal dysfunction

            19:05 Reduced testosterone and sperm quality in men

            21:30 Pregnancy complications and children’s health

25:55 Which foods to avoid during preconception and pregnancy (and a note on “moderation”)

30:00 Changing up your breakfast routine

34:20 Beverages - fruit juice, coffee, and energy drinks

36:40 The issue with artificial sweeteners 

40:00 Why refined fructose isn’t a good alternative to sugar (but whole fruit is OK)

44:20 How long it takes to stop craving sugar when you quit eating it

45:40 Which foods you should be eating to support your health, fertility, and pregnancy

47:00 Controversial foods and how to prepare them for better digestion

51:00 Why popular diets may not be right for you and how to find what works for YOUR body!

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