MYF 07 | Building Your Preconception Supplement Routine With These 6 Essentials

Building Your Preconception Supplement Routine With These 6 Essentials.png

Hi and welcome to MYF episode 7! We are so happy to be bringing you this important information on how to put together a comprehensive supplement plan before pregnancy. Now we know what you might be thinking, “All I really need is a prenatal vitamin, right?” Well, the short answer is, “no!” After all the research we have done, it is very clear that we are not getting enough essential nutrients from our diet alone.

Building a healthy baby is HARD work. It takes a lot of building blocks aka nutrients to get it right from the very beginning. We advise our clients not to leave anything to chance! Getting the right nutrients on board is the BEST insurance policy you will ever pay for.

These nutrients we talk about in this episode have been shown in research to prevent chronic childhood health conditions, including autism! If you knew that all you needed to do was take 6 essential supplements starting 3 months before pregnancy would prevent your child from developing autism, I know you would do it.

Now, we know that this episode is packed with juicy information and it can be a little overwhelming. You may find yourself hitting the “rewind” several times to catch the dosage recommendations and optional ranges. So instead of making you take extensive notes, we created a FREE course all about this topic. You can access this course at

Our free course outlines exactly what we talked about in this podcast and so much more. We provide our top recommended brands and even put together some sample packages so you don’t even have to think about how to put it all together. We have done all the work for you!

In addition, we are going to give you exclusive access to our online supplement store with a special 10% discount off everything. We have hand-picked exactly which brands for each type of nutrient we like, so you will feel confident that whatever you choose is a high-quality purchase.

Show Notes:

(2:16) Why diet is enough to supply all your nutrition needs, especially when preparing to grow a baby

(6:16) A high-quality prenatal vitamin - why you need one before pregnancy

(8:16) Why folic acid is not the best form for folate to take in a prenatal vitamin and what forms are best

(12:46) Folate and recommended dose and types

(14:16) B12 and what is the recommended dose

(16:41) B6 and P-5-P dosage and reasons why it’s important

(18:16) Iron, best forms for digestion and recommended dosages

(21:16) What to avoid in a prenatal

(24:16) Choline - why its important, dosage and forms

(29:16) Foods that contain choline, including liver

(31:00) Vitamin D - why it’s so important and how much to take

(38:00) Vitamin K2 - why it’s important to fertility and the development of your baby

(40:56) Calcium and magnesium - why it is so essential to making a healthy baby, dosage, and types

(45:47) Calcium needed for the acrosome reaction - sperm binding to the outer membrane (zone pellucida) of the egg

(46:13) How much calcium you need if you don’t eat dairy

(48:32) Fish oil, EPA, and DHA

(50:46) Our ancestors would eat 14 grams of omega-3 fatty acids every day through their diet. What foods have the highest omega-3 fats.

(54:32) Probiotics - the immune system and why they are an essential nutrient to take before and during pregnancy.

(58:06) Wrap up - free course “How To Choose The Best Prenatals Supplements”, Dr. Liz on the show next week talking about Beauty Products, and free webinar coming up in early January.