MYF 08 | What's in Your Personal Care Products? With Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc

Mastering Your Fertility Episode 8 Whats in Your Personal Care Products.png

Welcome to episode 8!

We are so excited to welcome Dr. Liz to the show to share her expertise on what’s in our personal care products and why we may want to switch to safer alternatives. Dr. Liz is passionate about helping couples find their best health and have a healthy baby, just like we are.

In this episode, you will learn how harmful some of these chemicals are that we are using on our skin or in our hair. Trust us, we understand that it’s hard to give up a good hairspray, especially when it works so well! However, it is definitely worth it if you are wanting to feel better and reduce your toxic load. The great news is that there are wonderful alternatives coming out on the market now and it’s easier than ever to find a safer option.

Enjoy the episode and feel free to comment below if you have questions or want more information in this important topic!

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Show Notes:

3:00 How Dr. Liz got started working in fertility and preconception care

5:25 How integrative fertility care is different from conventional care – fertility as a function of health

10:30 Changes couples can expect to make in their lives when pursuing integrative fertility care

14:00 Why we should care about the ingredients in our personal care products

18:00 Many types of chemicals absorb easily into the skin and some are scientifically proven to cause harm 

19:30 We can store toxins in the body through bioaccumulation in fat tissues

24:45 There are no studies investigating “synergistic toxicity” – the way different toxins may interact to cause additional harm

26:00 Three primary ways toxins disrupt human health – endocrine (hormone) disruption, oxidative stress, and genetic expression

29:30 Toxicity and male fertility

32:10 The Three P ingredients to avoid in personal care products – parabens, phthalates, perfumes

34:00 Specific reproductive harm associated with parabens and how to eliminate them

37:50 The issue with phthalates and where we find them

41:30 Perfumes and synthetic fragrance – how they cause harm and why they can be so difficult to avoid

46:15 The miraculous ability of our bodies to eliminate toxins 

48:20 Online resources you can use to evaluate the safety of your personal care products

52:10 Good ways to look for safer alternatives to unsafe products and a few brand recommendations

1:00:25 How to prioritize product switch-outs – what to replace first (apologies for the barking puppies in the background!)

1:02:55 If you’re stressed out, work with someone who can help you work through it!

1:07:10 How to connect with Dr. Liz