MYF 09 | IBS, SIBO, & Dr. Haylee's Personal Experience With Gut Healing

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Welcome to episode 9!

Today, Dr. Haylee is going to share her personal journey with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and the recent treatment that she’s gone through to heal her gut.

In this episode, you’ll learn what IBS and SIBO actually are, how they’re diagnosed, the symptoms they typically cause, and the possible treatment options to address them. Dr. Haylee also talks about the multiple treatments she’s been through for IBS/SIBO and some of the missteps she’s had along the way.

If you’re having problems with your digestion, you’ll definitely want to tune in! Gut health is a critically important part of optimizing both overall health and fertility, but it’s almost completely ignored in conventional fertility medicine. We’re going to help shed some light on why you should spend time investigating your gut during preconception and how you can get started.

Show Notes:

1:45 How Dr. Haylee first discovered she was having digestive problems

4:55 Investigating her gut issues and receiving an initial IBS diagnosis

7:00 The conventional medicine recommendations for IBS and how they actually caused more problems

8:20 Learning about naturopathic approaches to IBS, starting with diet and food sensitivity testing

12:10 Introduction to SIBO

            13:05 What is SIBO

            13:40 Potential causes

            18:20 Symptoms

20:30 How Dr. Haylee had her SIBO diagnosed through a lactulose breath test

23:45 Treatment options for SIBO

            24:15 Diet

            27:35 Antibiotics

            28:55 Herbal antimicrobials

            34:05 Elemental Formula

40:50 Prevention through prokinetic drugs or supplements

43:45 Key guidelines for successful SIBO treatment

45:55 Dr. Haylee’s personal treatment and prevention plan for her SIBO

52:00 An unfortunate mishap from Dr. Haylee’s elemental diet

55:45 Wrap-up – Fertility Assessment and FREE supplements course!