MYF 12 | Miscarriage: Major Contributing Factors & How To Reduce Your Risk

Welcome to episode 12!

Mastering Your Fertility Ep 12 Miscarriage Major Contributing Factors and How To Reduce Your Risk

In this episode, we discuss risk factors for miscarriage and how couples can increase their chances of a healthy, full-term pregnancy. You'll learn which health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental exposures can contribute to pregnancy loss, what you can do to address these risk factors, and which tests are most important to consider if you have a history of miscarriage. 

We also have a special guest interview with one of Dr. Haylee's patients. She's going to share her personal experience with loss and talk about some of the things she's done to work toward having a healthy pregnancy in the future. 

This episode is brought to you by our Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment, which is the tool we created to provide you and your partner with an individualized action plan to improve your fertility, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, and reduce the risk of chronic illness in your future child.

Show Notes:

2:05     Health conditions that can contribute to miscarriage risk

2:25     Age – egg quality, genetic malformations, and increased need for antioxidants

6:30     Hypothyroidism – testing thyroid function plus strategies to support your thyroid and address Hashimoto’s

11:00   MTHFR – folate deficiency, elevated homocysteine, supplements, diet, and lifestyle

15:35   Inflammatory conditions – autoimmunity, endometriosis, PCOS

17:10   Celiac disease – gut damage and nutrient deficiencies

19:15   Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome – recurrent loss after 10 weeks

20:30   Other bleeding and clotting disorders – genetic testing with your doctor

21:05   Luteal phase defect and other hormone imbalances – blood tests, FAM, and DUTCH testing

25:15   Summary of prevention recommendations for those who have experienced one loss (or none)

27:45   Summary of testing and investigation for those who have had multiples losses

28:55   Sperm quality and SCSA testing (DNA quality) for your partner

31:45   Nutrient deficiencies

32:00   Vitamin D deficiency – importance of vitamin D, testing, and what your blood level should be

34:25   Folate/B12 deficiency – MTHFR, methylation support, testing, diet, and supplementation

37:55   Iron deficiency – anemia, iron testing, correcting deficiency, possibility of GI dysfunction

40:55   Summary of how to avoid nutrient deficiencies

41:40   Toxic exposure and miscarriage risk

42:15   Smoking, marijuana, and alcohol use

44:45   Toxins in the workplace – radiation, solvents, construction material, hair or nail salons

45:40   Caffeine – excess vs. moderate consumption

47:05   BPA and plastics

51:40   Pesticides and organic vs. conventionally-grown food

54:20   Heavy metals – tap water, older homes, cookware, dental work

59:45   Special guest interview with Dr. Haylee’s patient, Annie

60:50   The beginning of Annie’s journey trying to conceive and how long it took

64:50   How she first found out she was pregnant and her overwhelming emotional response

66:50   Struggling with the reality of the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy

68:20   When and how Annie first realized there was something wrong

73:00   How the miscarriage actually happened

77:00   Experiencing grief, shame, and guilt after the loss

79:30   Emotional healing, testing with her doctor, and other changes to work toward better health

82:10   How Annie found confidence in her ability to heal her body and prepare for a healthier pregnancy

84:20   Her partner’s health issues that led him to also get serious about making changes

85:15   Lifestyle adjustments, adding in supplements, and addressing nutrient deficiencies

87:50   Where Annie is at now in her fertility journey and some very exciting news! 

88:50   The fear and weight of a previous loss when you find out you’re pregnant again

90:10   How different things have been for Annie after all the changes she and her partner have made

93:45   Wrap-up – Endometriosis podcast coming, FREE supplements course, and Quick-Start Fertility Guide