MYF 14 | How I'm Living Pain-Free with Endometriosis: Special Guest Kristy Dishmon, NTP

Welcome to Episode 14!

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In this episode, we interview Kristy Dishmon, an NTP colleague of Kristin's who spent more than a decade in debilitating pain before finally being diagnosed with endometriosis. Since discovering nutrition 3 years ago, Kristy has been on an incredible journey to heal her body and reclaim her life from chronic illness. She is now living almost completely pain-free by supporting her body with nourishing foods, a healthy lifestyle, and other natural therapies. Listen in to hear her entire story, all the way from the onset of her symptoms to the specific protocol she's using today to get and stay healthy.

Kristy's miraculous health turn-around sparked a passion in her to help other women get to the root cause of their symptoms and heal from chronic illness. She received her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification in 2018 and started a nutrition practice called The Rooted Life. 

If you're inspired by Kristy's story and want to learn more about how she can help you, you can find her on her website at or on Instagram @endo.foodie!

Other resources we discussed:

FREE Checklist: 7 Ways to Reduce Pain & Boost Fertility with Endometriosis

Functional Lab Testing and Review Consults:

Show Notes:

2:55        Kristy’s rocky start to life and what her health was like as a child

7:35        First symptoms of endometriosis starting at age 11

11:40     10 years later – how a seemingly unrelated issue started bringing her to the doctor frequently

16:10     Continually discussing period symptoms without any suggestion of endo from her doctors

19:40     Finally seeing a new doctor who recommended investigating endometriosis

21:15     Laparoscopic surgery a year later, receiving a definitive diagnosis, and what that felt like

24:45     Options that were presented to Kristy for her endo after surgery

29:10     Other health issues that she was experiencing along with endometriosis

31:20     Seeing a GI doctor to investigate severe gut symptoms and getting no definitive answers

34:15     Trying out a gluten and dairy free diet at the suggestion of her gynecologist

38:00     Looking deeper into nutrition and finding an NTP (Kristin) to work with

40:20     Major health discoveries Kristy made through nutritional therapy, including SIBO & parasites!

50:10     Successfully coming off of birth control after some gut healing and significant pain improvement

52:15     Implementing an AIP diet to further investigate food sensitivities and continue gut healing

58:00     Kristy’s take on other popular dietary approaches for endo

60:45     Other natural therapies that Kristy uses to manage her endo and support her healing

61:10     Acupuncture and massage

62:20     Pelvic floor therapy

64:10     Helpful herbs

66:00     Other supplements

66:30     Pooping every day! – diet and exercise help with this

69:15     Castor oil packs for liver support

71:30     The emotional struggle with having a chronic illness and how Kristy copes with it

77:20     What she wishes she would have known at the beginning of her journey

80:45     How to connect with Kristy!

81:45     Wrap-up – Get your FREE endo checklist and look into functional lab testing with us

Kristin Cornett