MYF 15 | Special Guest Lily Nichols RDN: Supporting Fertility & Pregnancy with Real Food

Welcome to Episode 15!

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In this episode, we interview real food dietitian and bestselling author, Lily Nichols RDN, CDE. She talks about her incredible book, Real Food for Pregnancy, and goes into which foods we should be eating during preconception and pregnancy, why conventional nutrition advice is often terribly outdated, and how we can start making simple changes to support our fertility and the long-term health of our babies.

We also dive into evidence-based reasons that a vegan diet should be seriously reconsidered when trying to conceive and while pregnant. We cover some of the specific essential nutrients that are missing from this type of diet and why supplementing may not be enough to close these nutrient gaps.

We're so excited to have Lily with us today and to share her work with all of you!

Links to Lily's Work

Books: Real Food for Gestational Diabetes and Real Food for Pregnancy


Instagram: @lilynicholsrdn

Facebook: Lily Nichols RDN

Show Notes:

3:10        How Lily got started working in prenatal nutrition

5:00        The inspiration for her first book, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes

7:50        Why Lily decided to write her second book, Real Food for Pregnancy

13:00     How a reductionist approach to nutrition can lead to nutrient deficiencies and other issues

18:50     The importance of preconception nutrition on fertility, pregnancy and your baby’s health

24:15     Why a low to moderate carbohydrate diet is really optimal for most women during pregnancy

29:45     Lily’s personal experiment with a continuous glucose monitor and the controversy it sparked

40:10     A normal breakfast for Lily

41:50     Significant nutrient deficiency concerns in a vegan diet for fertility and pregnancy

44:20     Choline

50:40     B12

55:00     Epigenetic impact of nutrient deficiency on long-term health of a child

57:00     Why supplements may not be enough to close the nutrient gap in vegan diets

60:20     Traditional foods and why glycine becomes an essential amino acid during pregnancy

64:45     Why saturated fats are not your enemy and which fats you SHOULD be concerned about

68:35     Best fats and oils to cook with and use in your kitchen

69:35     The difference in nutrient-density between pasture-raised and conventionally farmed animals

72:10     Lily’s top three pieces of advice for transitioning to a healthier diet and lifestyle!

77:30     Wrap-up –  FREE Fertility Recovery Guide and Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment

Kristin Cornett