MYF 16 | Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?

Welcome to Episode 16!

In this episode, we talk about common health symptoms that can have a major impact on fertility and your future baby's health and what you can do to investigate and address them. We also go into why we don't always recognize when something is going wrong with our health and help you understand the specific symptoms you need to be watching for if you're wanting to get pregnant in the next year.

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Other resources we discuss:

FREE course: How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements

Work with us: Functional Lab Testing & Review Consults

Online Assessment: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment

Show Notes:

4:05        Reasons that we grow up out of sync with our bodies

                4:25        Health symptoms sometimes begin very early in life

                5:10        We’re not taught how our bodies are supposed to work

                5:55        We have busy lives and don’t have time to stop and focus on how we feel

                7:35        Some symptoms are subtle and fly under our radar

                8:20        Symptoms aren’t taken seriously by doctors or even friends and family

10:35     Doctors are trained to treat symptoms, not to figure out why they’re happening

12:45     Why we need to connect more with our bodies, especially when trying to conceive!

14:40     It’s not about CAN you conceive, it’s about SHOULD you conceive given your health situation

17:30     Health issues that can affect fertility, how to recognize them, and what to do about them

                17:50     Nutrient deficiencies

                24:15     Inflammation

                29:05     Poor gut health

                36:45     Blood sugar imbalances

                41:30     Hormone imbalances

52:00     Our functional approach to fertility and why it’s so different from conventional fertility medicine

53:40     Which lab tests we use to help couples explore their health and how you can get them too!

61:20     Wrap-up – FREE quiz and Fertility Assessment

Kristin Cornett