MYF 18 | Special Guest Ayla Barmmer MS, RD, LDN: Detoxification & Fertility

Welcome to Episode 18!

In episode 18, we interview registered dietitian and women's health expert, Ayla Barmmer MS, RD, LDN about the important role of detoxification in health and fertility. There are A LOT of misconceptions about detoxification and Ayla's going to help clear those up for you today! You'll learn what detoxification, why it's so important for overall health and the ability to conceive, and what circumstances may increase your need for detoxification support. Ayla also shares actionable recommendations for SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY supporting your detox pathways and, ultimately, improving your fertility. You can learn more about Ayla on her website at and be sure to follow along with her on Instagram @aylabarmmer!

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Show Notes:

6:30        Ayla’s background and her inspiration for focusing on women’s health and infertility

8:45        How Ayla’s functional approach to fertility is different from conventional medicine

11:10     The basics of detoxification – what is it and which organ systems are involved?

14:55     Do we actually need help detoxing?

17:05     Factors that influence our ability to detox effectively

21:00     The two phases of liver detoxification and which nutrients support each phase

25:25     How detox is intimately related to women’s health and fertility

31:00     Lab tests that can help determine whether a woman needs additional detox support

36:30     Why popular or fad detox diets don’t work and can even be super harmful

42:15     When it’s NOT a good idea to be actively trying to detoxify                          

45:00     Some of the signs and symptoms that you might need help with detoxification

46:50     Essential components of a safe and effective detox diet

52:25     Lifestyle strategies to support healthy detox

57:30     Supplements that can be helpful

61:00     Ayla’s top 3 recommendations for supporting detoxification for optimal health and fertility

Kristin Cornett