MYF 19 | Male Fertility: Improving Sperm Quality with Diet and Lifestyle

Welcome to Episode 19!

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In episode 19, we talk in-depth about male fertility. We discuss the different lab tests that can evaluate sperm quality and hormone balance, the specific medical conditions and lifestyle habits that can contribute to reduced fertility, and actionable recommendations to help men improve their sperm quality, fertility potential, and overall health. This episode is brought to you by our Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment, which provides individualized recommendations and step-by-step action items for addressing fertility risk factors in BOTH partners. This is the perfect tool to help couples prepare optimally for pregnancy and increase their chances of a successful conception and a healthy baby. Learn more and get signed up here!

Show Notes:

3:05        How male fertility is typically evaluated

5:30        What “normal” is for traditional semen parameters

8:15        Important sperm health factor that is RARELY tested for

10:00     Other hormone tests that can help evaluate male health and fertility

10:45     Factors that can reduce semen quality and fertility

                11:05     Oxidative stress

                13:40     Age

                16:50     Obesity

                17:40     Lifestyle stress

                19:35     Poor diet

                21:25     Environmental toxins

                23:50     Exposure to electronics and heat

                26:15     Certain medical conditions and medications

28:05     How to improve or optimize sperm quality for enhanced male fertility

                29:00     Change up your diet

                34:10     Quit smoking and reduce alcohol

                35:50     Increase antioxidants and essential nutrients through diet and supplements

                42:20     Get enough exercise and manage stress

                43:40     Avoid endocrine disruptors and toxins

                47:50     Safer electronic use and heat reduction

Kristin Cornett