MYF 20 | The Male Perspective: Special Interviews with Dan Cornett & Matthew Aman

Welcome to Episode 20!

MYF20 Artwork.png

In episode 20, the husbands tell all! We interviewed our own partners about their experiences with preconception care and fertility optimization. Dan and Matt each have unique perspectives when it comes to their health and their role in the pregnancy preparation process and we wanted to capture a little bit of the male point of view. If you're having trouble getting your man on board with diet or lifestyle changes to support their health and fertility, this is the episode to share with them.  We’re excited to let you behind the scenes and introduce you to the men that keep our worlds turning!


Show Notes:

3:37 Matthew’s interview starts with an intro on we met

5:52 Matthew talks about his change in heart with having children

8:20 His experience with “preparing for pregnancy” the first time

11:18 Being in his late 40s and how he felt that might affect a pregnancy

13:00 Our preconception care plan the first time around

15:00 Smoothies, organic fruit

15:35 Supplements – DHEA, B-vitamins, fish oil

17:00 Matthew’s preconception plan for next baby

17:45 Getting enough sleep and exercise

18:55 Reducing alcohol consumption

21:37 How men can best be of service and supportive to their partner

24:30 Books Matt read to Haylee: How to Conceive Naturally Over the Age of 30 and It Starts With The Egg

25:36 Beginning of Dan’s interview with Kristin – how they met and got married

26:45 Dan and Kristin struggle to conceive

28:30 What helped changed Dan’s health for the better

31:45 Implementing the health changes took time

33:50 Dan’s scare with cancer and how he handled it

37:50 Dan’s perspective with supporting Kristin with her chronic health issues

40:15 Resuming their fertility journey and trying to conceive this year

40:50 Semen analysis results and changes he made

43:00 Supplements that are supportive for semen quality

46:00 Contributing 50% to the health of your child and how you can contribute as the male partner