MYF 21 | The Mind-Body Connection with Special Guest Parijat Deshpande

Welcome to Episode 21!

In episode 21, we interview mind-body wellness and high-risk pregnancy expert Parijat Deshpande.  She talks about her book, Pregnancy Brain, and gives us some insight on why we need to be mindful of our stress and stay connected with our bodies - especially during fertility challenges and pregnancy complications. Parijat also shares some inspirational advice on how to process negative emotions like grief, anger, shame, and resentment in a healthier way. For more helpful tips on stress management, as well as other diet and lifestyle tips for improving fertility, check out our FREE Fertility Recovery Guide!

Links to Parijat’s Work:


Book: Pregnancy Brain

Instagram: @healthy.highriskpregnancy


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    Show Notes:

    4:20      How Parijat got into working with mind-body wellness and high-risk pregnancy

    9:00      The ways stress affects our bodies – it’s not just in our minds!

    10:30     How stress impacts fertility – your cycle, hormones, and immune system

    12:50     Why it’s so important to find the right medical providers to support you on your journey

    17:00     Learning to trust your own body during fertility struggles and pregnancy complications

    20:50    Dealing with negative emotions on your journey – shame, guilt, resentment, anger, etc.

    22:50    The many ways that grief can manifest and how to process it

    26:40    Using emotional healing modalities to tap into what’s really happening in your body

    30:15     Action steps for better stress management and mind-body awareness

    34:05    The importance of finding community and support (and how to avoid the comparison trap)

    39:10     Wrap-up