MYF 22 | Functional Hormone Testing and Fertility with Special Guest Dr. Carrie Jones

Welcome to Episode 22!

In episode 22, we interview Dr. Carrie Jones about how to receive a comprehensive functional assessment of your hormones beyond what you get from blood tests at your doctor's office. She gives an overview of the DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones) test and explains how it's different from conventional hormone testing and why you should consider it when you're trying to conceive or struggling with infertility. We go over all the markers on the DUTCH and share how each of them can be used to uncover the root cause of hormone imbalance symptoms or trouble conceiving. We also discuss specific things women can do to address hormone imbalances and improve their fertility.

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    Show Notes:

    6:00 Dr. Jones background and motivation for working in women’s hormones

    7:45 How Dr. Jones got started working with Precision Analytical and what the DUTCH test is

    11:00 The difference between the DUTCH test and the blood tests you get from your doctor

    13:10 The connection between genetic predispositions (methylation/COMT) and hormones

    16:15 Determining your cortisol patterns and how this impacts your health and other hormones

    22:30 The specific ways the DUTCH test can help uncover hormone imbalances and fertility issues

    28:25 Different types of estrogen we produce and how they’re broken down in the body

    32:10 Factors that influence our ability to process and detoxify estrogen

    39:00 Ideal timing to complete a DUTCH test

    44:55 Hormone patterns on the DUTCH test that would indicate estrogen dominance

    46:45 How DUTCH can help uncover a thyroid problem (without directly testing thyroid hormones)

    50:55 Ways to address hormone imbalances with changes to diet and lifestyle

    54:15 Limiting exposure to toxins that disrupt hormones

    66:15 Practical recommendations to rebalance cortisol

    71:15 Resources from Precision Analytical to learn more about the DUTCH test

    72:55 Wrap-up

    Connect with Dr. Carrie Jones

    You can connect with Dr. Jones on her website and on Instagram