MYF 23 | Dr. Jolene Brighten: Balancing Hormones After Birth Control

Welcome to Episode 23!

In episode 23, we interview naturopathic doctor, women's health expert, and bestselling author of Beyond the Pill, Dr. Jolene Brighten. She talks about the many side effects that hormonal birth control can cause in a woman's body, how this can impact long-term health and fertility, and what women can do to balance their hormones, recover their health, and conceive successfully after birth control. Dr. Brighten unpacks a lot of the myths surrounding hormonal contraception and validates the experiences of women everywhere who have had their symptoms and concerns dismissed by their healthcare professionals. Combining the latest scientific research with her vast clinical experience helping women heal from post birth control syndrome, Dr. Brighten shares invaluable information to empower you on your health and fertility journey.

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    Show Notes:

    4:35        Dr. Brighten’s personal health background

    8:15        How she got into medicine and decided to focus in women’s health and hormones

    13:35     The way we’re currently viewing birth control in conventional women’s medicine and research

    20:05     Side effects of birth control that women aren’t told about before taking it

    28:05     Post birth control syndrome – when symptoms start, return, or get worse after stopping the pill

    34:25     How birth control can affect your fertility, even long after you stop taking it

    46:05     How long you should wait to start trying to conceive after BC and how to prepare for pregnancy

    52:25     What to use for birth control if you decide not to use hormonal contraceptives

    57:40     The long-term impact of preconception changes on the next generation and even the planet!

    73:20     What Beyond the Pill is really about and how it can help you        

    85:25     Dr. Brighten’s ONE big piece of advice to help move you forward on your journey