MYF 24 | Dr. Lara Briden: Is It PCOS? Clearing Up the Confusion

Welcome to Episode 24!

In episode 24, we interview naturopathic doctor, women's health expert, and author of The Period Repair Manual, Dr. Lara Briden. We discuss polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is a highly misunderstood condition affecting about 10% of women and contributing to 20-30% of infertility cases. Dr. Briden covers why PCOS is so frequently misdiagnosed, how it SHOULD be diagnosed, and the 4 different sub-types of the condition (all of which require different healing approaches). We also talk about why conventional treatments for PCOS are so often ineffective and dive into the specific naturopathic and nutritional therapies that can help women restore their health and fertility. Whether you've been diagnosed with PCOS, you suspect you may have it, or you're questioning the diagnosis you've received, this episode is for you!

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    Show Notes:

    7:20        How Dr. Briden got started in naturopathic medicine and women’s health

    9:00       Background on her book Period Repair Manual and how it shifts the women’s health paradigm

    13:20     What PCOS actually is and why it is both under- and over-diagnosed

    17:30     What are polycystic ovaries and does having them mean that you have PCOS?

    26:50     The best way to accurately diagnose PCOS – criteria to use and other conditions to rule out

    31:25     Why birth control is NOT a treatment for PCOS (or any other period problem)

    36:40     Hormone balance and regular ovulation is important for more than just making a baby!

    38:50     The 4 distinct subtypes on PCOS, the driving factors behind each, and how to address them

    39:35     Insulin resistant PCOS (most common)

    43:15     Lab indicators of non-insulin resistant vs. insulin resistant types of PCOS

    48:55     Dietary approaches to insulin resistance and why we shouldn’t drive insulin too low

    53:00     Adrenal PCOS

    56:45     Post-pill PCOS

    59:45     Inflammatory PCOS

    63:00     Natural therapies and supplements for PCOS

    67:10     What to eat, what to avoid, and how low carb should you go?

    64:10     Dr. Briden’s closing piece of advice for women with any kind of period problem

    66:20     Wrap-up