MYF 25 | Do You Have Low Progesterone? Special Guest Amy Beckley, PhD

Welcome to Episode 25!

In episode 25, we interview infertility warrior, miscarriage survivor, and scientist, Amy Beckley.  Amy is the founder and CEO of Proov, the first at-home rapid response urine progesterone test. Motivated by her personal infertility experience and her desire to empower other women to better understand their fertility, Amy used her PhD in Pharmacology to create Proov. Tune in to hear Amy's story and to learn all about progesterone, including why it's so important to fertility and pregnancy, why it's not always easy to identify when progesterone is too low, some of the causes of progesterone imbalances, and how Proov can help you determine if progesterone levels are an issue for you.

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    Show Notes:

    4:55        Amy’s personal story of infertility and how this led her to create Proov

    11:20     What Proov is and how it helps women understand more about their cycle and fertility

    13:25     Why progesterone blood tests don’t always tell the whole story about progesterone levels

    19:20     Why some doctors don’t believe progesterone improves outcomes – and why they’re wrong!

    21:40     Progesterone’s role in fertility and early pregnancy

    23:25     Which type of supplemental progesterone is most effective and why

    27:30     Some of the factors that can cause low or imbalanced progesterone

    32:30     How to support a healthy corpus luteum and the cells that produce progesterone

    37:40     Kristin’s personal experience using the Proov test strips

    40:40     It’s important for women to have options for testing and for their care!

    43:10     How to use Proov to monitor your luteal phase progesterone levels

    49:15     Using your Proov results to determine the next step in your fertility journey with your doctor

    52:55     How long Proov has been on the market and how it’s been doing

    56:25     Why these test strips are NOT the same thing ask ovulation predictor kits (OPKs)

    60:20     Amy’s advice to women on the fertility

    63:00     Wrap-up