MYF 26 | Cervical Mucus & Cycle Tracking with Special Guest Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Welcome to Episode 26!

In episode 26, we interview Fertility Awareness Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. Lisa is the host of the popular Fertility Friday podcast and the author of The Fifth Vital Sign. She helps women understand how to track their menstrual cycles for birth control, conception, and monitoring overall health and we're excited to have her with us to talk about how to identify your fertile signs. You'll learn what the Fertility Awareness Method is and how to use it, why cervical mucus is so amazing and why you can't get pregnant without it, and how tracking your cycle can help you identify when something is going wrong with your health or fertility.

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    Show Notes:

    5:40        How Lisa got started using the Fertility Awareness Method

    8:20        Lisa’s family history of menstrual cycle issues and female health problems

    10:50     What Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is and how it’s different from other tracking methods

    16:00     How to assess your cervical mucus each day

    21:05     Why you need to track BOTH cervical mucus AND basal body temperature when you’re charting

    25:00     Different types of cervical mucus, what they do, and why they’re important

    31:20     How cervical mucus actually filters out abnormal sperm!

    33:45     IUI vs. a cervical cap and which one you may want to consider trying first

    38:25     How to tell if you may have an issue with your cervical mucus

    44:45     Effects of age on cervical mucus production and quality

    49:00     How you can use Fertility Awareness Method to help identify underlying health or fertility issues

    57:35     Why sometimes going back to the basics really IS the answer to your cycle issues

    65:10     Lisa’s book The Fifth Vital Sign and how it helps women understand their bodies and fertility

    69:25     The big piece of advice Lisa has for all reproductive-age women

    73:00     Wrap-up