MYF 52 | A Structural Approach to Fertility: Understanding Your Spine, Nervous System and Fascia with Danielle Ayres, DC

Welcome to Episode 52!

In episode 52, we interview chiropractor and women's health champion, Dr. Danielle Ayres, about how we can support fertility from a structural and neurological perspective. Dr. Danielle’s focus is on helping women improve their quality of life, reduce stress reactivity, and increase stress resilience through a unique combination of chiropractic tools. So many women struggling with fertility experience a massive increase in stress and, while stress may not cause infertility in the majority of cases, it certainly doesn’t help the situation and it can significantly reduce our ability to heal our bodies, recover our fertility, and just generally experience joy and happiness in our lives. Dr. Danielle talks about some of the reasons that we can get stuck in this constant fight or flight stress response and what we can do, both on our own and with professional help, to start to unwind it to support better health and a more fertile body. Today you'll learn:

  • The goal of traditional chiropractic care and how Dr. Danielle’s approach is both similar and different

  • The different types of nervous system signaling and how these affect whether our body is calm and relaxed or tense and on edge

  • What fascia is and how it impacts the tension in our bodies, as well as our neurological state

  • How all of this ties into fertility and how Dr. Danielle approaches care for women trying to conceive

  • Types of movement we can incorporate into our daily lives to bring more balance to the nervous system and turn down the stress response

  • How to seek out professional support, when necessary

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Show Notes:

6:20        Dr. Danielle’s background, what got her interested in fertility, and how she became a chiropractor

9:25        What traditional chiropractic is and the primary goal of treatment

11:55     How spinal misalignment (or subluxation) can affect the nervous system and increase stress

14:30     Different types of signaling and input to our nervous systems and why the right kind of movement is important

20:00     How Dr. Danielle’s approach to chiropractic care is different than the traditional approach

21:35     What fascia is, how it impacts the nervous system, and why it’s important to address fascia in chiropractic

24:40     The connection between this structural body work, neurology, and fertility

29:20     One simple tip to help you calm down your body’s stress response

31:50     What Dr. Danielle’s work with patients actually looks like

34:00     Kristin’s personal experience with Dr. Danielle and her partner at Chrysalis Studio PDX

37:20     Why it’s always important to get to the root cause of what’s causing pain and tension and work slowly into change

39:45     What is stress resilience and how does this structural work help us become more resilient?

46:20     Factors that increase pain, tension, stress etc. and how to determine whether you can benefit from these strategies to unwind

49:30     The impact of emotional trauma in the physical body

51:05     More information about Chrysalis Studio PDX and how you can connect with Dr. Danielle

52:45     How to find the right provider for you locally