MYF 28 | Beyond Conventional Medicine with Special Guest Razi Berry

Welcome to Episode 28!

In epsiode 28, we interview Razi Berry about her personal health and fertility journey. After having her debilitating symptoms continually dismissed by conventional doctors and being told in her 20's that she'd never have children, Razi sought help from a naturopathic doctor. Not only was she able to heal from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, but she was also able to naturally conceive 2 healthy children! Her miraculous health turnaround led her to become an outspoken advocate for naturopathic and mind-body medicine and she's dedicated her career to getting the word out. Tune in to hear Razi's incredible health and fertility story and to learn about what sets naturopathic medicine apart and how it can help you uncover true and lasting health.

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    Show Notes:

    4:00        Razi’s experience of declining health in her mid-20’s and how conventional medicine failed her

    7:00        Taking her journey into her own hands and seeking out help from a naturopathic doctor

    12:00     Some of the principles of naturopathic medicine that have really impacted Razi

    17:20     Having an endocrinologist tell her (at age 27) that she would never have children

    19:45     Struggling through multiple pregnancy losses and what these experiences taught her

    24:15     Finding support through naturopathic medicine to conceive and carry her first daughter to term

    28:30     Why it’s important to be willing to look outside conventional medicine for answers

    35:30     What “Love is Medicine” means to Razi

    38:00     Learning what it means to truly take care of ourselves and make changes to support fertility

    49:45     Razi’s advice for women on the fertility journey – Be honest with yourself!

    54:05     Wrap-up