MYF 29 | Preventing Autism with Special Guest Dr. David Berger

Welcome to Episode 29!

In episode 29, we interview Board Certified Pediatrician and preconception care expert, Dr. David Berger. His practice, Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care, is focused on holistic medical therapies for chronic disorders in both children and adults, including autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disorders. Dr. David also helps couples prepare for pregnancy with preconception counseling, testing, and treatments that are aimed at optimizing the health of the pregnancy and baby. Today, he shares with us how his approach to autism and other chronic conditions is different than conventional medical therapies and how we can actually reduce the risk of our children developing these conditions by intervening BEFORE we try to conceive. Dr. David also dives into some of the specific testing, treatments, and lifestyle modifications he recommends to couples who want to do their best to prepare their bodies for pregnancy.

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    Show Notes:

    4:45        How Dr. David decided on medicine as a career and became a pediatrician

    6:10        What started him on the path of working with autistic children

    8:10        The difference between his approach and the conventional medical model

    17:45     Are chronic childhood illnesses (including autism) preventable? It certainly looks that way!

    21:30     How the preconception health of a couple impacts the risk for chronic illness in baby

    28:50     Tests that Dr. David uses to investigate health before pregnancy

    32:35     Looking into sources of harmful environmental exposures

    36:35     How long before pregnancy should you be focusing on preconception care?

    42:50     Thoughts on prenatal tests/treatments – glucose tolerance, vaccines, group B strep, etc.

    52:35     Wrap-up