MYF 32 | Understanding & Investigating Recurrent Pregnancy Loss with Dr. Lora Shahine, MD

Welcome to Episode 32!

In episode 32, we interview reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Lora Shahine, about recurrent pregnancy loss and the reality of conventional fertility treatments. Dr. Shahine is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of miscarriage and has even written a book on the subject, called Not Broken. The book helps couples navigate the often disheartening and frustrating process of trying to investigate the cause of multiple losses and also provides an evidence-based resource on treatment options that can help increase the chances for a successful pregnancy in the future. In the episode, you'll learn about the most common cause of miscarriage, the first steps to evaluating a couple that has experienced multiple losses, and some of the things you can start doing now to reduce your risk. We also talk through some of the myths surrounding fertility and conventional treatment options and give you advice on how to choose the right clinic and care team for you.

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    Show Notes:

    8:30    Dr. Shahine’s background and how she became a reproductive endocrinologist

    13:15   How Dr. Shahine started writing and what inspired her book, Not Broken

    20:15   The difference between a biochemical miscarriage and a clinical miscarriage

    23:15   Use of the word “abortion” in medical settings when referring to miscarriage

    25:05   The most common cause of miscarriage according to research

    26:50   Statistics are in your favor for the next pregnancy, even if you’ve had previous losses

    28:45   Common misconceptions about fertility and fertility treatment

    30:30   Is freezing our eggs really a good way to preserve fertility? What you need to know

    33:45   Why IVF isn’t right for every couple and why we shouldn’t put it on a pedestal

    37:55   How common miscarriage really is and why the often quoted “1 in 4” stat isn’t accurate

    39:45   When Dr. Shahine starts investigating miscarriage and which tests she starts with

    44:20   Lifestyle recommendations Dr. Shahine makes to help patients reduce miscarriage risk

    50:20   What you should be looking for in your fertility care team

    54:15   Dr. Shahine’s top piece of advice for women and couples going through fertility struggles

    56:05   Wrap-up