MYF 33 | Food Sensitivities: Can An Elimination Diet Help You Conceive?

Welcome to Episode 33!

In episode 33, we talk about how food sensitivities can affect your fertility and help you determine whether it's time to start making some adjustments to your diet. We go over the most common culprits for food reactions, why foods like gluten and dairy get such a bad reputation when it comes to fertility, and the two types of elimination diets we most often recommend to our clients. We also discuss testing options and talk about the unique functional approach we use for food sensitivities in our practice. This episode will be especially helpful for you if you're experiencing frequent digestive symptoms, aches and pains, allergies, skin issues, sinus problems, hormone imbalances, or unexplained infertility.

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Resources We Discuss In The Episode

Elimination diet info: The Whole 30 and The Autoimmune Protocol

Blog article: Stool Testing for Infertility

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    Show Notes:

    3:50        Different types of reactions we can have to foods: allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance

    9:20        How food sensitivities develop in our bodies

    12:20     The different ways that foods sensitivities can negatively affect fertility

    15:00     What’s the deal with going gluten-free and can it actually help you?

                    19:40     Celiac disease vs. gluten-sensitivity

                    20:35     Digestive dysfunction caused by gluten

                    23:45     Glyphosate (Roundup) exposure from wheat

                    28:15     Testing for gluten sensitivity vs. a trial elimination

                    30:00     Being evaluated for celiac BEFORE you try a gluten-free diet

                    33:00     When we recommend clients to go gluten-free

                    34:00     There’s no such thing as “mostly gluten-free” – how to avoid it completely

                    36:30     Addressing common concerns about gluten-free diets

                    39:50     Should you ever try to reintroduce gluten if you feel better on an elimination?

    41:00     What the deal with going dairy-free and can it actually help you?

                    41:05     Cross-reactivity from gluten sensitivity

                    41:40     Lactose intolerance and difficulty digesting dairy proteins

                    42:40     Insulin, hormones, and histamine

                    44:55     High incidence of reactivity to cow dairy and A1 beta-casein

                    46:05     Issues with modern production techniques (hormones, antibiotics, etc.)

                    46:45     When we recommend clients to go dairy-free and should you ever reintroduce it?

    49:45     Other foods that are commonly reactive and can be included in a trial elimination

                    50:00     Grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds

                    52:35     Sugar

                    53:50     Nightshade vegetables

                    55:35     Eggs

                    57:45     Alcohol

    59:45     The two elimination diets we most often recommend to our clients

                    61:25     The Whole 30

                    64:25     Autoimmune Paleo/Protocol (AIP)

    71:15     Options for food sensitivity testing and our unique approach to it in our practice

    76:15     Wrap-up