MYF 34 | Fueling Male Fertility with Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD, CLEC

Welcome to Episode 34!

In episode 34, we interview registered dietitian Lauren Manaker about how to support male fertility with diet and lifestyle. Her brand-new book, Fueling Male Fertility, is a fantastic resource full of simple strategies men can use to start improving both sperm quality and overall health. Throughout the episode, we talk about why a food-first approach is really the way to go, which nutritional protocol has been shown to be most effective for male fertility, and the specific types of nutrients men need to focus on with both diet and supplements. We also go into lifestyle habits that influence male fertility and share why it’s important not to hyper-focus on one area of health at the expense of others. This is definitely a must-listen for women who want to learn more about how to get their partners on board with preconception changes!

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    Show Notes:

    3:50       Lauren’s background and how she became a registered dietitian

    4:55       Her personal motivation for starting a private practice focused on fertility and pregnancy

    9:00      Why Lauren decided to write a book about male fertility

    11:40     The importance of taking control over your health and fertility situation

    14:10     Why food should always be first and supplements aren’t the answer to every problem

    16:25     Different ways that male fertility can be less than optimal

    19:40     What research says is the best dietary approach to fertility

    21:50     Considerations for other popular diets for men, specifically the ketogenic diet

    25:10     The importance of variety in the diet for nutrient intake and gut health

    30:30     Food quality - avoiding pesticides and going organic whenever possible

    33:20     What antioxidants are, why they’re so critical to sperm health, and where to get them

    38:00     Why you NEED to make sure your diet is in good shape before adding in expensive supplements

    39:20     What the research says about alcohol, coffee, and other beverages

    44:00     The importance of getting enough sleep for sperm quality and men’s health

    47:10     Other lifestyle habits to consider and why no aspect of health is more important than another

    51:30     Eliminating common toxic exposures to protect sperm quality and baby’s health

    58:30     Lauren’s top pieces of advice for couples on the fertility journey

    60:15     Wrap-up