MYF 35 | Dr. Ben Lynch: How Genes Affect Your Fertility

Welcome to Episode 35!

In episode 35, we interview naturopathic doctor, author, and genetics expert, Dr. Ben Lynch. We talk about his book, Dirty Genes, and dive into how we can work with our unique genetic predispositions to create better health and fertility, both for ourselves and our next generation.You'll learn what genes are, what they do, and how they influence health, why methylation is truly the key to preconception preparation and your baby's long-term health, which specific genetic variations impact fertility and pregnancy, and how we can address them with targeted nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

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Book: Dirty Genes

Seeking Health:

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    Show Notes:

    3:45        How Dr. Lynch became a naturopathic doctor and started getting interested in genetics

    6:00        What got him involved in research on the MTHFR genetic SNP and how that shaped his career

    7:50        The inspiration for writing his book, Dirty Genes, and what he wanted to accomplish with it

    11:40     What genes are, what they do, and why they’re so important to our health

    15:10     Bio-individuality created by our genetics – different predispositions, needs, and tolerance levels

    19:25     What genetic variations (SNPs) are and how they can affect different body systems

    22:50     Why you can still have a problem with a genetic pathway even if you AREN’T born with a SNP

    25:15     How modern life is really creating the need to better understand and work with our genetics

    29:10     What methylation is and why it’s truly the key to having properly functioning “clean” genes

    32:45     The importance of methylation for fertility/baby’s health and the risks of IVF treatment

    36:30     Why simplifying our lives and reducing stress are so critical to clean genes and pregnancy prep

    41:25     Other SNPs (aside from MTHFR) that can have a major impact on fertility and pregnancy health

    47:15     Nutrition and lifestyle strategies that influence epigenetics and long-term health in baby

    55:00     Closing piece of advice from Dr. Lynch on how to start your journey to better health and fertility

    57:25     Wrap-up