MYF 36 | Carrying To Term with Jordan Robertson, ND

Welcome to Episode 36!

In episode 36, we interview naturopathic doctor, researcher, and women's health expert, Dr. Jordan Robertson. She opens up about her personal experience with multiple miscarriages, which ultimately led her to researching and writing her book called Carrying to Term: A Practical Guide to Reducing Your Miscarriage Risk. Throughout the episode we talk about some of the reasons that it's often challenging for women to get the care they deserve when experiencing pregnancy loss or fertility challenges, why it's so important to use an in-depth health history to drive testing and treatment decisions, which tests should be considered when investigating miscarriage, and some simple strategies that you can implement starting today to reduce your risk of pregnancy loss going forward.

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Book: Carrying To Term

Podcast: Dr. Jordan Robertson Integrative Medicine Podcast

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    Show Notes:

    6:30      How Dr. Robertson became a naturopathic doctor and started working in women’s health

    8:35      Dr. Robertson’s personal experience with miscarriage and her difficulty getting the right care

    11:40     Why women often struggle to get the right testing and treatment for fertility and miscarriage

    15:25     Problems with research designed to study interventions for infertility and miscarriage

    21:25     Why it takes so much time and effort to get new research findings implemented in practice

    26:15     Always addressing the basics first before looking for anomaly causes of miscarriage

    31:50     Basic tests to proactively lower risk of miscarriage when there’s no prior history of loss

    33:55     New research linking higher progesterone levels to a lower risk of miscarriage

    34:45     Using an in-depth health history to make the best decisions about testing and treatment

    39:25     Looking for clues in mom’s pregnancy for a woman’s health or fertility issues today

    45:40     The case for eliminating alcohol and caffeine to reduce miscarriage risk

    53:25     When Dr. Robertson starts investigating miscarriage and which tests she typically starts with

    57:00     Stress and increased cortisol and their impact on fertility and miscarriage risk

    64:20     What you do matters – you can be a change agent in your own health and fertility story!

    69:50     Wrap-up