MYF 37 | How to Tackle Everyday Toxic Exposures with Lara Adler

Welcome to Episode 37!

In episode 37, we interview holistic health coach and environmental toxins expert, Lara Adler, about how to reduce common exposures that can interfere with fertility. We discuss surprising facts and common misconceptions about toxins, why lower doses are often more concerning than higher doses when it comes to hormone balance and fertility, which chemicals we need to focus on avoiding, and some of the simple, affordable steps we can take to protect ourselves and our future babies. Cleaning up our environments doesn't have to be crazy stressful or expensive. Listen in to learn how to get started!

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    Show Notes:

    4:45       How Lara became interested in toxins and started teaching other practitioners

    10:05     How many chemicals are actually on the market today and how few of them have safety data

    12:25     Why we don’t have better regulations for chemicals in the U.S. compared to other countries

    16:40     The difficulty of getting unsafe chemicals banned or removed from everyday consumer products

    18:20     Why low doses of certain chemicals are actually MORE dangerous to us than high doses

    22:10     Big misconceptions/myths surrounding environmental toxicity

    23:00     Products wouldn’t be for sale if they weren’t safe

    23:25     Ingredients are always disclosed on packaging

    24:15     Natural products don’t work as well as conventional

    25:50     Occupational exposures are the only ones that matter

    27:50     Impact of endocrine disruptors on hormone balance, fertility, and future generations’ health

    38:30     Symptoms that can indicate toxic overload and how long it can take for them to show up

    41:45     Simple steps that can reduce exposure to and increase elimination of harmful toxins

    45:20     Increasing demand for safe products in younger generations who are more aware and more ill

    48:20     Body burden of many chemicals plummet within a few days of reducing or eliminating exposure

    51:50     Hidden exposures that most people overlook when it comes to toxins and how to address them

    52:30     Tap water

    54:45     Indoor air quality

    60:05     New construction homes

    61:05     What to look for when choosing a quality indoor air filter

    66:10     Amazing online resources, databases, and stores to help you make the switch to safer products

    69:45     Do everything one step at a time - going slow is always better than doing nothing

    72:10     Success stories!

    75:10     Wrap-up