MYF 38 | Overcoming Perfectionism with Spenser Brassard

Welcome to Episode 38!

In episode 38, we interview certified life coach and mind-body fertility expert, Spenser Brassard. We talk about what really causes pain and suffering for women struggling to conceive and why perfectionism and negative thought patterns actually have just as much power to affect our fertility as poor health, diet, and lifestyle. And, of course, we talk about how we can start to overcome some of these issues, find true joy and happiness (even before that positive test shows up), and significantly boost fertility in the process! This episode is truly a must-listen if you’ve been having a tough time mentally and emotionally while trying to conceive.

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    Show Notes:

    4:55       How Spenser became a life coach focused on fertility

    7:10       Why you don’t have to suffer on your fertility journey - you can be happy now!

    9:45      How our culture creates unhealthy thought patterns that affect us throughout our entire lives

    11:40     The importance of letting go of perfectionism

    14:55     The top mindset tools and strategies that Spenser uses with her clients

    20:00     How negative thought patterns become like a tape on replay in our minds

    21:15     Limiting beliefs that we have about our fertility when we’re struggling

    24:00     Why it’s important not to fall into the comparison trap with others on the fertility journey

    26:00     Allowing ourselves to feel pain also allows us to feel pleasure

    27:45     We’re conditioned to believe that all of our negative emotions are bad

    28:45     Don’t fake self-care - give yourself permission to ask for what you need and don’t feel guilty

    32:05     You don’t “have to” do anything

    34:50     Leaning in to discomfort and the amazing things that can come out of that

    38:05     Why it’s actually none of your business how people respond to the choices you’re making

    42:30     How to separate your fertility from your self-worth by overcoming perfectionism

    46:30     The deep roots of perfectionist thought patterns and wondering who you’ll be without them

    49:45     Spenser’s closing thoughts – this journey isn’t your fault and you don’t have to suffer through it!

    52:55     Wrap-up