MYF 43 | The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Diet: AIP for Fertility with Brandy Cummings MS, NC, CN

Welcome to Episode 43!

In episode 43, we interview functional nutrition expert and certified autoimmune paleo coach, Brandy Cummings. She talks about the details of the autoimmune protocol and her experience using it in practice to help women suffering from inflammatory symptoms conceive successfully and have healthy babies. Throughout the episode, we discuss the specific dietary guidelines that make up AIP and the reasoning behind them, the often ignored (and equally important) non-food aspects of autoimmune healing, and how AIP can specifically benefit fertility. Tune in to learn more about how you can use diet and lifestyle to address inflammatory symptoms and and get your fertility back on track!

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Autoimmune Resources

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne: Website, The Paleo Approach

Mickey Trescott & Angie Alt: Autoimmune Wellness Blog, The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

Dr. Tom O’Bryan: The Autoimmune Fix

Dr. Keesha Ewers: Website

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Show Notes:

7:00        Brandy’s background and what got her started in the nutrition field

9:50        Why she decided to focus her nutrition practice on fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum

12:45     How Brandy first learned about AIP and what motivated her to pursue the AIP coach training

15:00     Why many people don’t even realize that they’re on the autoimmune spectrum

17:25     What AIP is and the ultimate goal of the protocol

19:05     Which foods are eliminated (temporarily) on AIP and why

20:45     Why even the healthiest foods sometimes don’t work for people with immunes dysfunction

21:45     Other very important non-food aspects of autoimmune healing – toxins, sleep, genetics, trauma

26:45     How AIP can specifically support preconception health and fertility

28:45     Why it’s important to seek out support/guidance from an experienced practitioner during AIP

30:50     Doing food reintroductions properly to get the best data on what foods work well for your body

33:15     Is AIP a good idea during pregnancy? What to consider if you’re wanting to try it while pregnant

41:20     A recent fertility & RPL success story using an AIP protocol during preconception!

42:45     Taking care of your body during pregnancy for better postpartum and long-term health

44:25     Why it can be difficult for women to get their inflammatory symptoms taken seriously

47:30     How you can benefit from AIP even if you don’t have a diagnosed autoimmune condition

49:50     Recommended resources for learning more about AIP

55:00     Brandy’s top piece of advice for women struggling with immune-related fertility struggles

57:40     How you can connect with Brandy and learn more about her practice

60:00     Wrap-up