MYF 42 | The Silver Lining of Infertility: What This Journey Has Taught Me

Welcome to Episode 42!

In episode 42, Kristin opens up about her infertility journey, the many things she’s learned along the way, and why she’s actually thankful that she wasn’t able to conceive when she wanted to. Infertility is hard - and we’re not going to pretend otherwise. But, like any challenge in life, it’s also an opportunity. As Kristin struggled to understand why she couldn’t conceive, she discovered life-changing information about her health, developed a profound sense of control and responsibility for the wellbeing of her future children, and experienced enormous personal growth, both individually and with her partner. Tune in to hear her story, her perspective on how infertility CAN change your life for the better, and her advice for those who are having a hard time going through this process.

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Show Notes:

6:35        The history behind Kristin’s fertility journey

10:20     Her initial struggle to cope emotionally with being unable to conceive

13:40     When Kristin decided to stop actively trying to conceive and why

15:20     Important health discoveries that she made as a result of infertility

                17:05     Genetic predispositions

                17:45     Food sensitivities and inflammation issues

                19:25     Autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s) and mast cell activation syndrome

20:05     The complexity of her case and the importance of respecting the body’s interconnectedness

22:15     Why Kristin feels that investigating her health will help her prevent health issues in her children

25:40     What she’s learned about epigenetics and why it made her temporarily question having kids

30:05     The huge sense of personal responsibility Kristin feels for future generation health in her family

31:45     Things she was thankful to have a chance to thoroughly research before having kids

32:05     Environmental toxins

33:55     EMF

37:05     Controversial topics that impact pregnancy, birth, and infancy

38:10     The personal growth Kristin has experienced as a result of infertility

41:05     How health issues and infertility have impacted her marriage in unexpected (positive) ways

45:40     Her career transition to nutrition and how it was motivated by health and fertility struggles

48:20     Kristin’s top 3 pieces of advice for couples having a hard time conceiving

51:55     Wrap-up