MYF 46 | Practical Steps to Jumpstart Your Fertility Diet with Charlotte Grand DipION

Welcome to Episode 46!

In episode 46, we interview fertility acupuncturist, nutritional therapist, and founder of The Fertility Kitchen, Charlotte Grand. She shares some amazing practical strategies we can use to start implementing better nutrition to support fertility and a healthy pregnancy. Most of us have a pretty good idea of WHAT we’re supposed to do to improve our diet, but the HOW is where we tend to get tripped up. So if you’re having trouble ditching junk food, eating healthy on a budget, or even learning how to cook with real-food ingredients, this episode is for you! We start off by talking about Charlotte’s personal fertility journey that brought her to acupuncture, nutrition, and The Fertility Kitchen. And in the rest of the episode we discuss things like:

  • How to train our brains into healthier habits so we can finally leave sugar and processed foods behind

  • Simple ways we can add more variety (AKA nutrients) into our diets without becoming master chefs

  • Why things like organic, seasonal, and non-GMO matter and how you can eat this way without breaking the bank

  • How to make healthy eating simple and approachable, even if you’re super busy or just not that into cooking

We also talk a little bit at the end about acupuncture and how this amazing healing modality can support you on your fertility journey.

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Links to Charlotte’s work:

Website: The Fertility Kitchen

Social Media: Instagram

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Show Notes:

6:45       Charlotte tells about her struggle with infertility and her journey with health, IVF, and the Fertility Kitchen

11:20     How she supported her health through her first successful IVF cycle

17:00    How giving up dairy cured her asthma

25:45 The book Atomic Habits by James Clear and how it can help you give up sugar for good

31:10     Reading nutritional labels to identify amount of sugar

36:00 Small changes can make a big difference over time     

38:10 Getting a variety of fruits and vegetables - eating the rainbow challenge     

41:20     Challenging your liver with food variety to strengthen the immune system

44:00     Pesticides and do we really need to be eating organic?

50:14     Genetically modified foods (GMOs) - are they harmful?

54:00     Eating seasonally - practical tips

59:10 How to make a fertility diet work without having to spend all day in the kitchen

63:30 Traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility - How Charlotte works with clients