MYF 45 | Depression and Anxiety: What's Really Going On?

Welcome to Episode 45!

In episode 45, we dive into the extremely important topic of mental health issues and help you understand how conditions like depression and anxiety can affect reproductive health. While the conventional medical model views mental health conditions as "chemical imbalances" that require drug therapy to correct, we view mental health symptoms as a clue to something deeper going on in the body. Contrary to what we've all been taught, the brain is not a separate entity from the rest of the body and there is a complex interplay between the brain, the gut, and the immune system that is not being taken into account in mainstream psychiatry. There are many underlying factors that can either directly cause or worsen mental health issues, and addressing these factors with natural therapies can lead to incredible healing for those who are suffering - often without the unwanted side effects of antidepressant/psychotropic medication. Throughout the episode, we discuss:

  • What depression and anxiety are and the many possible symptoms associated with them

  • The major factors underlying mental health symptoms and why antidepressant drugs don’t address them

  • How mental health issues are related to your fertility and why it’s so important to investigate your symptoms before conceiving

  • Steps you can take to improve your mental health and heal your body from the inside out

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently taking medication, we are NOT suggesting that you discontinue it! You should never stop taking antidepressant or psychotropic medications without first consulting with your doctor and putting together a carefully monitored plan for tapering slowly off of these drugs. Stopping cold-turkey can be extremely dangerous and damaging to your health.

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Show Notes:

5:35        What is depression and what are the associated symptoms?

10:10     What is anxiety and panic disorder and what are the associated symptoms?

13:30     Major underlying causes and contributing factors of mental health issues

                18:45     Nutrient deficiencies

                24:35     Inflammation

                29:45     Gut dysfunction

                37:45     Thyroid problems

                40:00     Blood sugar imbalances

                41:20     Genetic predispositions

                42:55     Life circumstances, grief, and current or past trauma

44:20     Why it’s so important to investigate mental health issues before trying to conceive (if possible)

46:50     Conventional treatments for mental health issues and where they fall short

51:25     Things you can do to start naturally healing and reclaiming your mental (and physical) health

                51:35     Dietary changes

                55:20     Minimizing exposure to toxins

                57:35     Lifestyle changes – exercise and sleep

                59:45     Testing for inflammation and gut health

                60:55     Testing for blood sugar imbalances

                61:35     Testing your thyroid function

                62:15     Testing for nutrient deficiencies

                63:35     Other natural treatments and supplements

69:35     Make sure you find a doctor who is willing to get to the bottom of your symptoms with you!

Resources we discuss in the episode:

Dr. Kelly Brogan’s mental health book: A Mind of Your Own

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Gut health podcast episodes: #9, #10, #11

Food sensitivities podcast episode: #33

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