MYF 48 | Technology & Your Fertility: What You Need to Know with Brian Hoyer, NTP

Welcome to Episode 48!

In episode 48, we interview Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified Geobiologist, and electromagnetic field (EMF) expert, Brian Hoyer. In our modern world, we're exposed to technologies and frequencies that our bodies have never experienced in human history, like cell phones, wireless, magnetic fields, and even the electricity in our homes. We don't think about these exposures because we can't see or hear them in our environment and there's been very little rigorous long-term safety testing for their effects on human health up to this point. But there's now growing evidence that EMFs actually can cause harm to our bodies and can even affect fertility. Brian has dedicated his career to understanding and educating the public about EMFs and owns a company called Shielded Healing. He and his team travel the country doing home assessments for EMF exposure and making recommendations to help consumers protect themselves during the time it matters most: at night when they sleep!

In this episode, Brian shares:

  • The different types of EMFs we're exposed to and the specific technologies they come from

  • How these frequencies can cause disruptions in our bodies, including with fertility and baby's development

  • Simple, low-cost steps you can start taking right now to limit your exposure to EMF

  • How you can get a more thorough assessment of your home environment and transform your bedroom into an EMF-free healing space

We also talk about Kristin's personal experience working with Brian to assess her home and shield her bedroom space against multiple types of EMF.

Links to Brian’s work:

Website: Shielded Healing

Social Media: Instagram




Study on reproductive effects of EMF:

Study on the decline in male fertility from 1938-1991:

EMF stimulation of volgated-gated calcium ion channels:

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Show Notes:

6:30        Brian’s background, what got him interested in EMF, and how he’s working with it in his practice

13:15     The connection between the decline in male fertility and the widespread electrification of homes in the U.S.

15:25     The basic explanation of how and why EMF exposures can damage both male and female fertility

17:30     How man-made EMF exposures differ from natural frequencies and how they affect our physiology

22:20     The different types of EMFs in our modern environments and the mechanism behind how they can harm us

24:15     Symptoms that can occur with EMF exposure and why not everyone is affected the same way

29:50     Research showing serious reproductive effects from EMFs

31:40     Why this issue isn’t being talked about or taken seriously on a large scale as it should be

33:20     Problems with the way we study EMF and the difficulty in demonstrating cause and effect

39:00     The most important time during the day to protect against EMF: while you sleep!

44:15     Low/no-cost strategies to start limiting your exposure to some of the most harmful EMFs

49:20     Results from Kristin’s EMF home assessment with Brian

51:50     The need for different shielding solutions to address different types of exposure

53:50     The specific solutions that Kristin implemented to shield her bedroom and what it was like

56:30     Significant changes she’s experienced since sleeping in her newly shielded space

60:20     The typical investment to shield a bedroom and why having a proper assessment is super important

66:45     Options for purchasing shielding solutions without an assessment

68:50     Kristin’s high praise for Brian and his company Shielded Healing

71:15     Solutions for men who want to still be able to keep their cell phone in their pocket

Photos from Kristin’s EMF Shielding Project