MYF 49 | Abdominal Therapy for Gut Health & Fertility with Barbara Loomis, LMT

Welcome to Episode 49!

In episode 49, we interview massage therapist and abdominal therapy practitioner, Barbara Loomis, about how abdominal massage and visceral manipulation can improve quality of life and fertility for women. This is a great episode for anyone suffering from digestive health issues, painful periods, adhesions from prior abdominal surgeries or endometriosis, emotional trauma, or infertility. Throughout the episode, Barbara teaches us:

  • Why our abdominal organs are so intimately connected to our emotions

  • The difference between visceral manipulation and abdominal massage and what each is used for

  • What adhesions are, how they cause physical symptoms, and what this might feel like

  • How uterine positioning affects our menstrual cycle health and fertility

  • How you can start on self-massage at home or find a practitioner near you

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Show Notes:

5:40        Barbara’s background and how she got started in massage and abdominal therapy

9:35        How emotions and trauma can store in our abdominal organs and cause tension

14:00     Allowing emotions to flow through during abdominal therapy instead of analyzing the source

17:15     What drew Barbara into working with the uterus in her practice

20:50     Why women might want to seek out abdominal therapy and the symptoms it can help with

26:00     How abdominal therapy really aligns with a functional approach to health

27:20     What adhesions are, how they form in the abdominal/pelvic cavities, and how massage can help

32:25     Why uterine positioning is so important to menstrual cycle health and fertility

37:30     How you can find out whether your uterus is out of position

39:40     Why Barbara recommends abdominal therapy for all women, even with no symptoms    

42:45     Self-care abdominal massage that can help women prepare for pregnancy

45:40     Individualized care that helps each woman address the root cause of her issues 

48:05     How women can search for specific types of abdominal therapy practitioners

50:00     Online courses that Barbara developed to help women learn self-care massage

50:25     The difference between Arvigo and Barral techniques (massage vs. visceral manipulation)

53:15     Wrap-up